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Lindsey Sova


Phone: (612) 703-1544

Garrett Mirau

Vice President

Phone: +1 (218) 780-4953

Leah Nielsen


Phone: (651)248-2664

Cali Mirau

Hockey Hut Manager

Phone: 218-750-4121

Katie Parks

Hockey Hut Co-Manager

Phone: 218-780-6480

Garry Conklin

4-on-4 Coordinator

Phone: 218-348-1481

Chris Peterson


Phone: (218)290-1579

Misty Klemke

Volunteer Coordinator

Phone: 307-248-3770

Andrea Conklin

Tournament Coordinator

Phone: (218) 750-2688

Jacy Pylkka

Website Manager

Phone: (218)410-7153

Joel Bradford

ACE Coordinator

Phone: 218-410-1914

Angie Gnerer

Apparel Coordinator

Phone: (218) 576-3333

Kim Wolner


Phone: 218-780-8760

Katie Dinsmore

Equipment Manager

Phone: (651)675-8142

Open Position

Fundraising Coordinator

Moe Benda

Ref Coordinator

Phone: (218) 290-5366

Kathy Undeland


Phone: (218)742-2203

MEYHA Meeting Minutes

The Board will meet on occasion to hold discussions about items regarding and affecting the association and/or possibly its members.  These will not be regular or formal meetings, but board working sessions.